Three ways professional landscape renovations can enhance your backyard

Posted by: Graham Johnston | Posted on: November 3rd, 2014 | 0 Comments


If your backyard is looking a little less than appealing, professional landscape renovations are in order. You might be able to do a few DIY tasks yourself, but if you want a backyard make-over that truly transforms your garden, experts in landscape management services and renovations will certainly be required.

Below are just three of the many ways in which a landscape renovation can enhance your garden:

  • If properly designed, your landscaped backyard garden can add as much as 20% to your property’s value.
  • Expertly designed landscapes can complement the architecture and design of your home. By incorporating the right indigenous flowers and plants, shrubs and even pavers and focal points, you can enhance your backyard’s appeal by adding texture, color and more to it.
  • A well designed and renovated backyard can provide a zone of peace, tranquility and relaxation where family members can relax and unwind. This contributes to positive psychological attributes of the home. This alone adds great personal value to the home.

Keep your gardens looking great with reliable landscape management services

At Green Point Total Landscape Management in Florida, we are focused on providing our clients with professional landscape renovation services, but that’s not all. A large part of owning a landscaped garden or backyard is taking responsibility and caring for it and this is where Green Point Total Landscape Management comes in. We offer the following landscape management services to keep your backyard looking great all year round:

  • Mowing, edging and trimming of lawn.
  • Leaf removal and mulching.
  • Hedge maintenance and annual/perennial change outs.
  • Irrigation of the garden.
  • Weed control and fungus/insect consultation.
  • Fertilization of plants and turf.

To learn more about our landscape management services in Florida, contact us at Green Point Total Landscape Management today.

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